Un giorno ad Arezzo

One day in Arezzo


Starting from the upper part of the city, St. Peter’s Hill, you can admire the Cathedral of Arezzo with the beautiful stained glass windows by Guillaume de Marcillat, a fresco by Piero della Francesca and the terracotta by Andrea della Robbia. From here go down to Piazza Grande, the most beautiful square in Arezzo and the heart of the city, flanked by the Logge del Vasari, the Palazzo di Fraternita and the medieval tower houses.  The square is famous for being the set of the film “La vita è bella” by Roberto Benigni and twice a year the Joust of the Saracen. Walking along via della Seteria you arrive at the Pieve di Santa Maria characterized by the Romanesque façade and the “cycle of months”, inside the Pieve there is a polyptych by Pietro Lorenzetti and a wooden cross by Margarito. Going down the Corso you reach the Basilica of San Francesco with the famous Bacci chapel which preserves the frescoes of the “Legend of the True Cross” by Piero della Francesca. On the way back, stop at the church of San Domenico to admire the painted Cross of Cimabue.

Lively and authentic the atmosphere that you can experience on the walk we will do together on the streets of Arezzo!