Stufato alla Sangiovannese

Sangiovannese Stew

Sangiovannese stew The Palio of the Stufato in Sangiovannese style is held every third Sunday in January in San Giovanni Valdarno, at the Salons of the Basilica of the SS. Maria delle Grazie. The stew is a typical dish of meat, to be exact from the muscle of the anterior paw of the calf, which takes its particular and unique flavor thanks to a mix of spices, still secret, that you can buy only in local grocery stores. What a better opportunity to visit one of the “New Lands”, Masaccio’s hometown, and discover its beauties.

Where and when

Each year, on the third sunday of January, in the SS. Maria delle Grazie Church in San Giovanni Valdarno.  
For a special night, in a unique enviroment.