Alla scoperta di Giorgio Vasari

Discovering Giorgio Vasari

Giorgio Vasari (Arezzo 1511- Florence 1574) was a versatile artist, writer of the first treatise on the history of the arts of humanity (Le Vite). Vasari was an architect of the Uffizi, as well as a passionate painter.  During his long career, he left in Arezzo majestic architecture, such as the loggia of Piazza Grande, and fine paintings, found today in churches and museums. Casa Vasari is a treasure to be discovered: the building he chose not only as his house but also as a place to host a vast collection of works made by his contemporary artists.

Vasari enriched all the rooms of the house with a decoration of lively frescoes celebrating the Arts and the Artist.Continuing to the Church of the Santissima Annunziata, we find inside a youthful Deposition by Giorgio Vasari, where the city of Arezzo can be glimpsed in the background.  Finally, a visit to the Abbey of Sante Flora and Lucilla, a Vasari church par excellence.

Inside you can admire two masterpieces of the same artist: a large table with the Assumption of the Virgin, and a monumental Altar originally made for the Pieve di Santa Maria that was to serve both as a main altar of the church as well as an altar of the family chapel. After the Abbeys, continue to Piazza Grande to admire the Vasari lodges and the Fratenita palace with the bell tower designed by Vasari.

Enjoy old style art with my tour of discovery Giorgio Vasari.