La Giostra del Saracino

The Saracen Joust

The Giostra del Saracino is a medieval historical re-enactment that takes place in Arezzo, in Piazza Grande, twice a year, the last but one Saturday in June in a night edition, and the first Sunday in September in a daylight edition. It is an event participated by the four districts of the city: Porta del Foro, Porta Santo Spirito, Porta Sant’Andrea and Porta Crucifera. The jousters, two per Quartiere, challenge each other by launching at full speed to mark with the tip of the spear the poster held by the Buratto, the king of the Indies, a spring-loaded metal puppet. It is a re-enactment that excites the city of Arezzo with music and colors … come to see it!

Where and When

Each year in two different editions, at night time in june and in day time in september. Since 1931 in Piazza Grande, Arezzo
For fans of historical re-enactments and for curious people from all over the world, the carousel is an unprecedented opportunity to meet the city in celebration.